Shenzhen Eternal Science Development Co., Ltd

ShenZhen Eternal Science Co., Ltd is the company running the business of communication testing meters. In 2002, Eternal began to transform its major businesses from the completely proxy foreign products into the general services, which include both agents and self-development products and offer the customers more benefits.

To satisfy further need in the communication industry, Eternal again launched fiber new products in 2003. The company firstly acquired technical authorities from an Australia company, W&L Development pty, Ltd, which greatly helped company's afterwards products development with the trademark of AusBest.

For the lately seven years, Eternal has successfully developed a series of fiber instruments, including FVO-700A/FVO-600B Series Fiber Microscopes/EDV-136 Fiber Cleaners /FR630 series OTDR et al fiber maintenance tools. These products, with the advantages of high performance and low cost, provide the truly convenience for the fiber transmission maintenance work.

Also due to constantly modification and renewing, these newly-development products are regarded as crowd pieces nowadays and sold worldwide in the industry. Like the products are not only welcomed by the domestic fiber manufactures and institutions, but also exported to the USA/UK/SW et al American and Europe countries as well as India/Malaysia/Korean et al Asia countries.

After years' efforts and experience, Eternal knows well the real need of customers. All the products, both AusBest or agent products, are based on the principles of advanced technology, high performance, easy operation and lower cost, providing you a fully testing solution in the industry.