Guangzhou Likexin Electronic Co.,Ltd.

Through more than 10 years of precipitation and accumulation in automobile wiring harness and automobile connector industry, the company now has more than 100 connector molds with different functions of vehicle models. Also according to customer demand or market trends independent development mold production automotive connectors and wiring harness. Now the company mainly produces products: New energy automotive wiring harness, car headlights and LED lamp harness, automobile electric tail gate wiring harness, 360 - degree panoramic vehicle traveling data recorder wiring harness, HSDLVDS harness, car audio connection wiring harness, automotive navigation power wiring harness, car show car AV line, the original screen upgrade wiring harness and all kinds of steam car connection wiring harness products, , , , the company also has many years of cooperation with many world famous automobile connector brand channel advantages. Other materials 80% to achieve self-production, in addition to the production cycle and quality can timely control; More effectively control the cost, to provide the most advantageous finished product price. The company has advanced automated production equipment and more than 200 trained production line staff. And in strict accordance with the IATF16949 quality management system for management; Independent laboratory to complete the raw materials and finished products of the technical parameters of the test comparison.

The company′s products are exported to southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States and other regions.

At present, the company has the qualification and experience of cooperating with automobile front-loading manufacturers. It is positioned to provide high-quality products and quick response services, and has a deep understanding and grasp of automobile manufacturers′ demands.

Guangzhou likexin electronics Co., Ltd. is people-oriented, to continue to build a growth platform for employees as their own responsibility. With a professional team, to meet the market demand and the steady development of enterprises to provide a strong guarantee. Carry on the past and open the future, likexin electronics will as always "core service, connect the future...To provide a safer, more direct connection to the automotive electronics market.
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