Laurel Industrial Film (Kunshan) Limited

Laurel Industrial Film (Kunshan) Limited is a Hong Kong-owned enterprise. We invest above ten million yuan to build our plant in Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone. We are committed to research, develop, manufacture and sell Optoelectronic Films, Decorative Films, Heat Insulation Films, Wide-screen Aluminum/Polyester Films, etc. We have the cleanroom with 10, 000 class cleanliness, advanced technic and equipments, and strict management to produce qualified products. Our films are certificated by the ISO9001, ISO14001 and comply with RoHS and UL standards.

Our main products include:
1. Optoelectronic Film
Our Aluminum Mylar Films and Copper Mylar Films have excellent performances of shielding, insulation, flame retardant (reach UL94 V0-V1 level) and UV resistance.

2. Decorative Film
We use advanced Polymer Synthesis Technology to produce the Imitation Brushed Metal Film, showing a metal texture and smooth surface, is the first choice of high-end products in home appliance, electronics and furniture industry.

3. Heat Insulation Film
Bubble Insulation Film is a new environmental friendly thermal insulation material which does not contain harmful substances and meets the requirements of ISO14001 international environmental protection certification. It not only solves the harm to environment and the discomfortableness to human body caused by traditional glass fiber or foam material, and can block the ultraviolet, which can through metal, concrete, wood and ordinary insulation material into the room. Our Bubble Insulation Film has a good flame retardant function (achieves UL94 V0-V1 level) and UV resistance effect.
Our Heat Insulation Film can be added a more layer of PE woven cloth on the original aluminum foil and polyethylene film which does not change its original performances and greatly enhances its tensile strength and tear strength.

4. Wide-screen Aluminum Plastic Laminated Film
We use advanced technic and equipment to produce the 1, 550mm width of Aluminum Plastic Laminated Film, which can be applied in food, industrial products, precision instruments and other packagings.

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