Jiangyin Hongrui Cored Wire Co., Ltd.

I am very pleasure to contact you, and very happy to introduce ourselfs to you.

We are China Hongrui cored wire co. Ltd Which is one largest and oldest ferroalloy factory to special any type of cored wire and calcium silicon alloy and calcium metal in China, at the best quality and the lowest price. We hope can do business with you.

Our company was found in 1995, we are the first factory to produce CaFe cored wire and pure Ca cored wire, TiFe cored wire and so on cored wire in China, now our produces have been exported to 22 countries and hold kindly relation with them, we can produce more than 15.000MT cored wire per year, 8000mt calcium silicon, 5000mt calcium metal, and have six line cored wire produce. Can produce and have experice to produce many type of cored wire, such as CaSi cored wire, CaFe cored wire, SiCaBa cored wire, AlCa cored wire, FeSi cored wire, S cored wire, TiFe(30-70Ti) cored wire, FeB cored wire, C cored wire, CaCn2 cored wire, Se cored wire, Al cored wire, pure Mn cored wire and so on.

Beisders we have one factory to produce calcium silicon alloy, and can produce about 8000mt calcium silicon per year, any size we can supply. So if possible, we also can supply calcium silicon alloy at the best price. And also we can guarnatee the casi cored wire quality at the lowest price.

The quality reached the internation standard, and we go through the ISO-9001-2000 quality test. And can do thrid inspection such as SGS inspection and BSI inspection and so on.

The size, packing, OD and other can as customer request.

The factory is near to Shanghai city China, it is about 120KM far from Shanghai, now our factory have about several hunders cored wire stock, so can supply to you in time. If possible, you also can visit our factory near to Shanghai city. We can pick you up from Shanghai airport and can bear you living and eating charges during you visit our factory.