Cable & Wire

1.024 mm Bright K Nickel Alloy Wire Kp/Kn Thermocouple Extension Wire Bare Cable

Ohmalloy Material Co., Ltd.
  • Type:Insulated
  • Conductor Type:Solid
  • Application:Thermocouple Wires
  • Conductor Material:Chromel,Alumel
  • Material Shape:Round Wire
  • Range of Application:Machinery,Thermocouple,Electricity

Base Info

  • Model NO.:K-HP-5223
  • Certification:ISO9001, ANSI
  • Brand:Ohmalloy
  • Transport Package:100m,Spool, 305m,Spool, 1000FT,Spool, 1000m,Spool
  • Specification:1.024mm
  • Trademark:OHMALLOY
  • Origin:China
  • HS Code:7505220000
  • Production Capacity:500000meters Per Month


Code+ Positive Leg- Negative LegNNiCrSiNiSiMgKNiCrNiSi(NiAl)ENiCrConstantan EJIronConstantan JTCopperConstantan TKCBCopperConstantan KCBSCB RCBCopperCupronic 12



Common standards all within OHMALLOY Wire capabilities.

· ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) E 230

· ANSI (American National Standard Institute) MC 96.1

· IEC (European Standard by the International Electrotechnical Commission 584)-1/2/3

· DIN (Deutsche Industrie Normen) EN 60584 -1/2

· BS (British Standards) 4937.1041, EN 60584 - 1/2

· NF (Norme Française) EN 60584 -1/2 - NFC 42323 - NFC 42324

· IS (Japanese Industrial Standards) C 1602 - C 1610

· IS (Unification of the Russian Specifications) 3044

High Temperature Wire

The maximum temperature a wire can be used up to will depend upon its diameter. Thinner wires will not withstand the full temperature range stated for the thermocouple type. Used in air typical maximum temperatures are:


Maximum Temperature by Wire Size

TypeNKEJTWire Dia.°C°C°C°C°C3.25mm120012008707603701.50mm110011006506003700.81mm100010005505002500.50mm10009004504002000.32mm10009004004002000.25mm9007504003001500.12mm600600300300150

Testing and Calibration (Offset Thermocouple Profiles)

OHMALLOYWire has an in-house laboratory capable of testing the wires as single thermoelements or thermocouple pairs from -50°C to 1200°C and testing can be arranged externally for calibrations required outside this temperature range. Full EMF profiling is provided for all our thermocouple wires and this facility also allows us to manufacture offset EMFthermocouple wires for special applications. Test results can be supplied as either mV readings or °C deviations from the nominal thermocouple values. The mV readings can be given for either the single thermoelement, so that different batches of wire may be matched later, or for the thermocouple pair. We can even match a single thermoelement you may have in stock either from readings you have or from a sample we can test.

Thermocouple Wire Production and Length / Sizes
Rod is purchased from a number of high quality sources and processed through our equipment to create the required format. Round wires can be supplied in solid form from 3.25mm to 0.07mm diameter and bunched or stranded wires from 5mm² to 0.05mm². Bunched and stranded wires tend to be used as cable conductors as they are more flexible and resistant to work hardening than solid wires. Please see our Bunched section for further details. Rolled tape or slit strip can also be supplied in a range of sizes and packaging formats including coils and spools. Thermocouple products can be supplied fully annealed, using our inert atmosphere annealers, or to a range of hardnesses and tensile strengths.

1.024 mm Bright K Nickel Alloy Wire Kp/Kn Thermocouple Extension Wire Bare Cable